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2017 Kingston Warrant Articles

Articles 2,3,4 & 5 Deal with ZONING changes (re: impact fees, accessory apartment to comply with state mandate, allowing Bed & Breakfasts for permitted use, and location of similarly defined businesses (proximity change) to encourage more commercial development.

Article 6 is the operating budget - $5,318,177 proposed / $5,284,904 default

Articles 7 & 8 are for tax credits/discounts for prompt payment/veterans.

Articles 9, 10, 11, 12 and 14 were all requests for voters to contribute to existing Capital Reserve Funds for the Highway Department ($75,000), Town Buildings ($50,000), Fire Apparatus ($85,000), Fire Department Building Replacement ($75,000) and Land Acquisition ($10,000).

Article 13 was justified by the Fire Chief due to the increase in the number of calls. mostly for medical assistance.

Article 15 is for the hiring of a FT adult librarian (which replaces a PT position, currently part of Operating Budget).

Article 16 is to make repairs to the old Nichols Library building (mainly the slate  roof), using a $10,000 grant and the balance coming from the Town Buildings CRF.

 Article 17  is the only proposed capital improvement on the 2017 Warrant for the Town of Kingston, where funds have NOT been accrued in a capital reserve fund.  The Road Agent apologized to members of the Deliberative Session and indicated he hadn't wanted to burden taxpayers with unnecessary demands in past years, but this side of the street is in disrepair, and must be properly maintained before the repairs become more expensive.

Article 18 is the agreement to enter into Discussions with the SRSD - non binding/no monetary value - but must pass both the Kingston TOWN and SCHOOL warrants (both towns) for discussions to commence.  If one fails, talsk go on hold for at least another year.

Article 19 is to create a Kingston 325th anniversary celebration Committee - no $$ value

Article 20 is to expand a previously established Trust Fun for the 325th celebration in 2019  (fund originally established in 1995)

Article 21 is to increase the BOS from 3 members, to 5

Article 22 requires that all votes by the Municipal Budget Committee and BOS appear on the warrant articles with a numerical tally (not just the Board approves or does not approve)

Article 23 is to ban all types of traps on town owned land and conservation land

This is the sample ballot for Kingston...