Newton-Kingston Taxpayers Association

   Reasonable Taxes for Best Values
     in Local Government and Schools

Mission Statement

The Newton-Kingston Taxpayers Association is a non-partisan, non-profit educational group dedicated to promoting efficient and responsible administration of our local government and schools by challenging them to be transparent and accountable.

We advocate for the continued growth of business and responsible property development, the assurance of fiscally responsible management and sustainable taxation through dedicated research of ballot measures, public policy issues, educating voters, and reviewing local candidates. 

We don't tell you how to spend your hard-earned dollars...we seek to help you make informed choices when you vote. 

We are committed to representing and voicing the best interests of all taxpayers in the towns of Newton and Kingston, New Hampshire.

Kids Count

We want the BEST education for our tax dollars...we are watching District results, and looking continually for the best bang for our tax dollars.

10,000 Happy Citizens

Kingston and Newton have 10,000 residents...we want to strike a balance for the best interests of all of us- with what we pay in our taxes, and the outcomes we pay for.
Ongoing Information

All year, NKTA members attend meetings, and publish information so the voters of our communities are aware of developments.  Watch for postings here, on Facebook at the Newton-Kingston Taxpayers Association site, and in the Carriage Towne News.