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Proposed Budget for FY 19-20 includes 71% staffing expenses

NKTA-affiliated members of School Board and Budget Committee have teamed with voters to reduce staffing in recent years, to align with enrollment declines

Further staffing reductions do not align with District goals for student outcomes

Instead further savings are possible only with realignment of facilities usage

Sanborn Regional School District Costs per Pupil remain high

While High School costs used to be high in the District, recent staffing reductions have brought Sanborn's High School Cost into the average for comparably-sized K-12 Districts

The Costs for the Middle School remain higher than comparably sized nearby K-12 Districts

Staffing reductions have taken place in the past two years, with a new Administrative leadership team and focus

The next step to bring costs into line with comparable norms is to look further into reallocating students and ceasing to pay for the Middle School campus

The Sanborn Regional School District Elementary Schools are the area where our costs soar...

In order to begin to explore how to bring these costs into line, and to free up money in the District to fund better outcomes for the students, passage of the proposed amendment to the Articles of Agreement is needed.  Passage will take a 60% supermajority at the polls in March.

Sanborn Regional School District 

NESDEC Study in 2 Parts:

Part 1 - Presented to the School Board on Aug 15 2018

Includes demographic research and projections,
and options to close Middle School and
change elementary school configurations

Part 2- Presented to the School Board on Sept 5 2018

Includes two more options to reconfigure schools, 

with Bakie for all elementary students first,
followed by Memorial for all students,
followed by Middle School relocated to the High School

Video Presentation to School Board August 15 2018

Budget Observations from Annie Collyer

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